Instrumentation Products, Project Supplies & EPC Projects

Process Control Instrumentation

  • Temperature and pressure Gauge
  • Controls Valves
  • Level Gauges & Sensor
  • Flow Meters
  • Transmitters Thermocouples
  • Instrumentation communication Cables
  • Thermowells
  • Calibrators & Recorders
  • Solenoid Valves. Actuators
  • PLS & DCS
  • Digital Indicators & Controllers
  • Gas Detectors
  • Automated Valves

Instrumentation Projects, Supply & Services

We provide Instrumentation Services like Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Services in various industries for following items:-

Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of systems including control systems, SCADA systems, DCS and PLC systems, fire and gas systems and process installation, termination & commissioning of indicators, transmitters and controllers, valves & other field instruments, Pressure Transmitter, Pneumatic Control System. Infrastructure systems installation including cabling, instrument air / gas tubing and impulse piping work. Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians. Supply of Instruments, Panels, junction Boxes and related Material.

We offers complete turnkey solutions for Automation, instrumentation & Electricals across a large number of industry sectors. We partner with leading companies in the field to offer a comprehensive package of products, equipment and services that complete the arc from project concept to completion.

We undertake turnkey instrumentation projects in the field of Water treatments projects, Sewage treatment projects, Power plants, Hydro power plants Process industries,Our portfolio of projects includes Conveyor Systems, Utility Plants, DM Water Plants, Gas Detection Systems, Tank Farms, Incinerators, Water Treatment Systems, Effluent Treatment, Compressor Systems, Airport Baggage Handling, Desalination and Water Distribution Plants and ESD and F&S Systems in Oil and Gas.

We have supplied automation and drive systems, motors, electrical power and control panels such as HT Breaker Panels, LT PCC Panels, MCC Panels, DBS, JBS, Field Instruments, Field Control and Power Cables with accessories such as Cable Trays and Mechanical Structure Assemblies. In addition, we also provide supporting services such as Erection, Installation, and Commissioning of our supplied material.

We consider the efficient handling of turnkey projects as our major area of expertise. Our experience extends into domains such as Chemicals, Pharma, Power, Water management and Gas, Metals, Utilities, Material Handling & more.Our portfolio of projects includes Field Instruments, PLC/SCADA/DCS, cables, cable trays & junction boxes, in addition, we also provide supporting services such as Erection, Installation, and Commissioning of field instrumentation.

Turnkey solutions with best quality work backed by reasonable pricing – qualities that have earned us a good name in the industry.

We count among our satisfied customers, well-known and established industry giants such as ONGC, L&T, ADANI, ESSAR, WELSPUN AND APM TERMINALS, to name a few.

Process control instruments like Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and more…

  • Pressure Instruments: - Pressure Transmitter , Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch , Differential Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Gauge , Pressure Indicator / Recorder Etc.
  • Temperature Instruments: - Temperature Element – RTD / TC, Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Switch / Indicator / Controller / Recorder / Scanner Etc.
  • Flow Instruments: - Flow Transmitter , Flow Switch , Various types of Flow Meters, Flow Indicator /Controller / Recorder / Totalizes, Flow element orifice plates with assembly Etc.
  • Level Instruments: - Level Switch, Level Transmitter, Level Gauge, Level Indicator / Recorder / Controller Etc.
  • Erection Hardware: - All types of Hardware material required for the installation of Process Control Instruments like Junction Box, Perforated Tray, Ladder Type Cable Tray, SS / CU tube, SS / CU / CS / MS Pipe/Ball Valve, Manifold & SS Fittings, Brass Fittings, IBR Fittings, Flameproof Housing Etc.


Temperature and Pressure Gauge , Control Valves, Level Gauges & Sensors , Various types of Flow Meters , Transmitters Thermocouples, Instrumentation Cables ,Thermowells , Calibrators & Recorders, Solenoid Valves, , PLC, Digital Indicators & Controllers,Gas Detectors, Automated Valves.